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Connect LinkedIn to Hubspot

Hubris is the fastest, slickest, and sickest way to add LinkedIn Contacts and Companies to Hubspot.


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Eliminate manual data entry for your sales team so they can focus on the #1 priority...


... growing your business.

Sync LinkedIn Contacts

Add LinkedIn connections to Hubspot as Contacts, and connect existing Contacts with their LinkedIn profile.

Sync LinkedIn Companies

Add Companies from LinkedIn straight into Hubspot and automatically associate Contacts.

Sync LinkedIn Conversations Sync LinkedIn Inbox messages for contacts into their Hubspot activity timeline.  

    Import LinkedIn connections to create new Hubspot Contacts or to update existing Hubspot Contacts

    Import name, job title, LinkedIn profile URL, location and skills from LinkedIn profiles.

    Audit who added Hubspot Contacts, when and what information was changed for GDPR compliance.
Sync Inbox Messages
Sync LinkedIn Inbox discussions with Hubspot activities so that social selling conversations are recorded as Hubspot activities, in date order. 
Plus, see everyone's sync'd conversations in Hubspot.
Customise Properties
See relevant custom Hubspot Properties for Contacts and their Company on your connections LinkedIn pages.
Show target prospects, website visits, lifecycle stage etc. in LinkedIn
Email and Phone
Sync email addresses and phone numbers of 1st Level LinkedIn connections with Hubspot.
(subject to data privacy policies)

Enterprise Plan for Hubspot

LinkedIn Profile Sync
LinkedIn Company Sync
LinkedIn Message Sync
GDPR Audit Compliance
Email and Phone Import
Get your LinkedIn contacts where you want them - in Hubspot.

Hubris on the Chrome Store

Hubris is a Google Chrome Extension that activates when you visit a LinkedIn profile.

Setup is simple and takes 5 minutes.  All you need is your Hubspot Hub ID, API Key and a single custom Hubspot Properties

Hubris on the Chrome Store

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