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Tom BrownJan 11, 2023 9:40:21 AM3 min read

How building brand awareness on LinkedIn can help to grow your pipeline

LinkedIn is not only a platform that connects professionals and jobseekers to employers but also an excellent platform for marketing. With over 630 million users on LinkedIn, there is no better platform for businesses to build their brand and look for prospects. This underlines why every business should develop a powerful LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Among the key advantages of LinkedIn is that most of its users are top decision-makers, senior influencers, and thought leaders. If you want to attract the attention of senior leaders, ensure you adopt the best LinkedIn marketing strategy. An excellent LinkedIn marketing strategy will help you:

  •         Build your brand awareness
  •         Generate leads
  •         Build a sales pipeline
  •         Forge long-term professional relationships

In the modern-day business world, you are missing out on a host of lead generation benefits if you haven't tapped into LinkedIn's marketing potential. Read to learn how to leverage the platform.

How to boost brand awareness using LinkedIn

Below are clever strategies to drive your brand's awareness on LinkedIn:

Define your target audience

Understanding your audience is key to building brand awareness on LinkedIn. You can outline your audience based on various parameters like geographic location, job title, or industry. Better yet, you can use LinkedIn Campaign Manager to help you learn about your target audience's professional traits.

In addition to defining your target audience, you should understand your present audience. So, focus on knowing more about your audience and their preferences. Use the analytics section on your company page to learn more about your page visitors and followers.

LinkedIn Campaign Manager can help you gain meaningful insights about your clients and the content they like. Use the information to tailor your LinkedIn marketing strategy to satisfy your client's needs.


Create a captivating company page

Your LinkedIn company page is a crucial asset in building brand awareness for your products. It is one of the first interactions your target clients will have with your brand. Thus, it should help them learn everything they need to know about your services and products.

Provide key company details like your logo, size, website URL, and industry to augment your brand's credibility. Also, craft a comprehensive description conveying essential information about your brand. Creating a captivating company page will help increase your brand awareness.


Build trust through thought leadership

Brand building is a long-term strategy to promote your products and services. Hence, it is essential to demonstrate high-quality content thought leadership to earn trust from your clients. You can offer thought leadership content through blogs and social channels.

Create original and educative content about your products while positioning your products as the best solution for your client's needs. Also, consider sharing engaging content on current developments in your industry. Through thought leadership, you will drive sales inexpensively. 


Connect Hubspot and LinkedIn

Connecting Hubspot and LinkedIn is an excellent way to promote your products. When sync Hubspot with LinkedIn, you reduce admin time and keep all your contacts in one place. This synchronization also creates connections that can convert leads to long-term customers.

Better still, you can export your contacts from LinkedIn to Hubspot manually. Thus, you can easily create and update new LinkedIn contacts in Hubspot. However, the process might be time-consuming and prone to error.

Using a tool like Hubris that integrates with Hubspot helps you capture your LinkedIn connections and update them automatically. In addition, Hubris enables you to sync messages, saves you time when referring to a specific conversation with a target customer. As a result, you can save on Admin time and concentrate on marketing tasks to help build your brand awareness.


Key takeaway

LinkedIn offers an excellent platform to help you create your brand awareness and boost sales. Understanding your target clients, creating a captivating company page, and thought leadership are key strategies to promote your brand on LinkedIn.

Also, using a tool like Hubris ensures your admins have time to concentrate on vital tasks that can help bring more customers to your business.

Wouldn't you like to drive brand awareness to increase your company's bottom line? It is high time you synchronized your LinkedIn with Hubspot. And Hubris makes this exercise a cinch. Try it out for free.