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AdminOct 26, 2021 3:39:22 PM1 min read

What exactly is Hubris?

Ever wished you could save your LinkedIn connections as HubSpot contacts without any manual data entry?

Or wanted to keep your HubSpot contacts updated automatically whenever they moved jobs or roles and posted that information on LinkedIn?

Well, now you can!

Hubris is a Google Chrome Extension that is installed in your Chrome web browser and helps automate the tedious task of keeping your Hubspot contact and company records up to date.

Hubris enables you to..

  • Check if a LinkedIn connection is already in your Hubspot CRM
  • Import LinkedIn connections to Hubspot as Contacts
  • Import LinkedIn connection's company into Hubpot as Companies (and associate the Contact to the Company)
  • You can also choose a Hubspot Persona at the time of import


In addition to importing connections, Hubris also allows you to...

  • Check if a LinkedIn connection is already in Hubspot
  • Connect their LinkedIn profile with an existing Hubspot contact
  • Display any Hubspot property (for Contacts and Companies) within Linkedin
  • Synchronise LinkedIn message conversations (e.g. Inbox and InMail) with the contact's Hubspot activity feed.


New to the idea of adding LinkedIn connections to HubSpot, and want to understand if Hubris is right for you?

Check out our blog Connecting HubSpot to LinkedIn for a deep dive into some of the reasons you may wish to add your LinkedIn connections to HubSpot, and some of the other options you have at your disposal (besides Hubris) to do this.