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Tom BrownJan 11, 2023 9:45:44 AM3 min read

How to add your LinkedIn Sales Navigator contacts to HubSpot

The current economic world is fast-paced and demanding. You need to generate new leads, keep the ones that you have, and get some time to do other things other than admin duties. 

Fortunately, the growth of technology has seen to it that you can integrate your LinkedIn account with HubSpot so that the two can work hand in hand. Through the integration, you can view your company records, send mails, and access your LinkedIn contacts directly from HubSpot. 

This guide takes you through the step by step guide of how to add your LinkedIn sales navigator contacts to HubSpot.

What you will need

For the link to work perfectly, you must much the following requirements:

  • The LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration requires that you must have a Sales Hub professional or enterprise seat assigned to you. 

  • A LinkedIn Sales Navigator Team or Enterprise is also necessary. 

The connection between your LinkedIn Sales Navigator only works if you are linking it to your HubSpot user account. It is only after the LinkedIn Sales Navigator app has accepted your invitation that you will be able to sign in to HubSpot using a special login.


How the Integration Works

With all the requirements in place, start by visiting your HubSpot CRM and navigate through to the settings section. Click on the "all integrations" option where an option of "LinkedIn Sales Navigator" will appear. Click on the option then click on the "view integration" option.

Your LinkedIn will require you to go through an authentication process that should be easy for you. Once verified and your integration is complete, you will find a new card in your left-hand sidebar by navigating through your contact record in HubSpot. 

You will also find a lot of information from your LinkedIn account. These may include company records, contacts, time in role, location, and job titles. 

With the integration in place, you can access your information from either platform. For instance, you can use your lead account (LinkedIn) to check your profile and everything. Alternatively, if you do not like opening new tabs, you can use your HubSpot account to access your data and records. 

From your HubSpot account, you can access the following:

  • For your contacts, you can access shared connections, interests, useful links and experiences. When you make the integration for the first time, you will also get a quick tour and introduction to the services offered

  • Find leads that are related to your company. You can then save the leads on your LinkedIn Sales Navigator

  • For companies, you get suggestions of recommended leads from companies with whom you have common interests or connections

  • You get timely news and updates on the new products in the market, new structural changes and any other relevant information


How Hubris can help

The main function of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator is to help your company generate more leads and target a specific audience. With just a few clicks, you can connect with potential customers. 

Hubris is the fastest, slickest, and sickest way to add your LinkedIn contacts and Companies to HubSpot. It eliminates the need to key in data manually and keeps your contacts information in check. 

With this Google Chrome extension, you can easily sync your LinkedIn companies on HubSpot. You can also sync your contacts and conversations with a click of a button. This way, the extension helps to reduce admin time. 

The integration between your LinkedIn Sales Navigator and HubSpot is very good. However, adding the Hubris extension to the mix makes the combination perfect. 

Get your Chrome extension for free today to enjoy the amazing services that it has to offer. For more updates, visit our website and go through our blog section.