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How to make LinkedIn a part of your content strategy
Tom BrownOct 25, 2022 11:54:03 AM2 min read

How to make LinkedIn a part of your content strategy

A well-executed content strategy must contain an understanding of prospective customers, what inspires their purchasing decisions, and their demographics. Without a cohesive, engaging, and brand-specific content strategy that speaks to your brand's target audience, you risk not reaching the right audiences and a decrease in lead generation.

Why LinkedIn?

Thanks to the 700+ million active global users, the ability to connect with thought leaders and have them as your audience for your content strategy is endless. Plus, it's remarkably easy for your brand to tap into this platform and receive real-time updates, lead recommendations, and connections with reliable decision-makers.

If your goal is to grow your brand and increase its reach, there is no better platform to have as part of your business content strategy than LinkedIn. However, you can go a step further and streamline your marketing process and build connections by integrating LinkedIn with HubSpot.

The benefits of making LinkedIn a part of your content strategy

Integrate your sales and marketing efforts

You have already done the hard part of establishing a well-oiled LinkedIn business profile. You need to keep your marketing efforts in one centralized place, which HubSpot does for you. Your goal is to generate converting leads that will boost your company's revenues and profitability.

You can execute this strategy better by positioning your LinkedIn sales and marketing with HubSpot to provide your business with a competitive edge that will elevate your brand to the next level.

Leverage organic reach

At least 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to create and share relevant content because this is a premier platform utilized by professionals worldwide. With helpful content, native videos and infographics, LinkedIn will set you up with potential customers, influencers, and decision-makers that will propel your marketing strategies to a broader reach. Tools such as LinkedIn TeamLink and InMail allow you to expand your social circles and join up high-profile prospects through a credible, secure, and verified network.

Access real-time updates

We all want to know how our audience is engaging with our content. When you publish your LinkedIn content and manage your campaigns within HubSpot, you get a real-life insight into how your content is being received across several networks. 

Additionally, endeavour to repurpose your content, upload photos, use the social calendar and even change your publishing schedule to increase user engagement with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Tool.

Cultivate ongoing relationships

Creating a great user experience through relevant content is a crucial aspect of any marketing strategy. However, you also want to ensure that you continuously cultivate ongoing relationships with business prospects, peer groups, and thought business leaders you connect with on LinkedIn. As you continue to create an authoritative voice for your brand, continue to connect and engage with professionals in your industry while monitoring relevant conversations, posts, and discussion forums to position yourself as a solution and thought-leader in your niche.

How Hubris can help

By connecting HubSpot with LinkedIn, you’ll get a quick avenue to cultivate relationships with prospective customers and monitor those conversations in HubSpot. 

Hubris is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to add LinkedIn contacts and companies to HubSpot. Try it for free today!