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How to reduce admin tasks with HubSpot
Tom BrownOct 25, 2022 12:00:20 PM3 min read

How to reduce admin tasks with HubSpot

The aim of every business venture is to have a consistent growth when it comes to sales and marketing. Normally, a well-marketed product or service will sell more, therefore, the business can attain its financial goals easily. 

The sad truth is that not many businesses know how to market their products and services well. Business ventures with huge ideas and resources are failing thanks to poor marketing strategies or failure to take advantage of the existing marketing opportunities. 

It is for this reason that HubSpot has come up with ways to empower more customers every month. By linking HubSpot to your LinkedIn account, you can reduce admin tasks and make time for more impactful work.


Why linking your LinkedIn account to HubSpot is beneficial

There are many benefits to connecting HubSpot with LinkedIn. The main advantage is that it offers a quick avenue that helps to cultivate relationships with prospective customers. 

The latest features in HubSpotcan form a fundamental part in reducing your workflow and automate sales administrative tasks. The main benefits include:

  1. The Lead Rotation Automation 

The lead rotation automation tool was released back in 2016. To take advantage of this tool, select your preferred sales reps or team members who will receive the leads from your HubSpot account. 

For instance, if you select two members, the leads will be sent to them equally (50% each) while attributing you as the HubSpot Owner. 

For the purposes of convenience and effectiveness, you can set up an email to notify your sales rep that the leads have been assigned to them. This helps in avoiding confusion and allows you to keep tabs with what is happening at the HubSpot Database. 

  1. Task Creation Automation 

The HubSpot workflows tool has a feature that allows you to create tasks automatically. Depending on which contact qualifies for what parameters, the tool will assign the tasks to specific contacts or the HubSpot owner. 

This feature makes it easier to automate follow-up tasks or anything else that you might want your contact to have within a specific time frame. 

  1. Allows for Deal Creation Automation 

The HubSpot's workflow tool allows you to create a deal.  You save a lot of time with this tool given that, in normal circumstances, you have to create a deal each time a lead or client attains a specific standard. 

This feature requires that you approach it with caution. However, if used correctly, it can help you reduce a lot of admin tasks. 

  1. Manage Your LinkedIn Presence Directly Within HubSpot

You can create multiple posts at a time for your LinkedIn followers. After creating the posts, you can choose to post them immediately or set a later release date. Depending on your audience, you can post several times in a day or a few times in a week. Your HubSpot calendar can help you achieve this comfortably. 

  1. Automate Multi Check-box Values

This is the latest feature that has been introduced to HubSpot. Most admins would welcome the idea of creating various fields with multi-check answers at the same time. This feature does exactly that! To questions in your workflow that require the same answer, this tool will help you assign that. 

The automate multi check-box is also very beneficial when it comes to maintaining the quality of your data and information.


Trust Hubris to help You

Hubris is a Google Chrome Extension that activates when you visit a LinkedIn profile. With Hubris, you have a secure connection between your LinkedIn accounts with HubSpot. It helps you to reduce admin tasks and make time for more impactful work. 

Our main mission is to help you eliminate manual data entry for your sales. We can help your sync LinkedIn conversations, sync LinkedIn companies and sync LinkedIn contacts. 

Download our Hubris extension today and let HubSpot reduce your admin tasks today! You can also read our blogs for more additional information.