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How to run ABM campaigns in HubSpot
Tom BrownOct 26, 2022 2:56:46 PM3 min read

How to run ABM campaigns in HubSpot

Account-based marketing (ABM) has become a key trend as companies continue to embrace digital strategies to lead generation and conversion. One of the key factors that marketers and companies seek to accomplish is having a well-targeted marketing strategy where they zero in on their exact targets.

By connecting HubSpot with LinkedIn, businesses are able to quickly cultivate relationships with their prospective customers, cut down on excessive admin time, streamline their growth marketing strategy, and keep all contacts and messages in one place for easy retrieval.


How companies benefit from ABM

Companies use ABM to align their sales and marketing teams to promote the long-term growth and increase revenue. They also help businesses to better communicate with high-value accounts as though they are independent markets. Companies use this strategy to increase customer loyalty and increase ROI.

Hubris helps companies to better utilise various HubSpot tools to develop successful ABM strategies. Companies are able to sync connection and message data between their LinkedIn profiles and HubSpot CRMs to establish an all-round view on their ABM target accounts.

With around 88% of marketers said to be using an average of 10 marketing tools, companies need to critically evaluate these tools to establish suitability. Streamlining marketing tools enables companies to seamlessly track their revenue and collect data.


Target new buyers on LinkedIn

In the current crowded digital world, companies are focusing on developing more focused and targeted marketing strategies with the aim of generating more measurable results. This is better done by mapping and understanding customers' purchasing decisions.

Social media is one of the major pillars influencing customer purchasing decisions, and marketers and brands are cashing in huge amounts to tap into the power of social media marketing. Established in 2003, LinkedIn has grown to more than 660 million users, creating a strong sales force and marketing tool for lead generation.

LinkedIn is the best tool to ensure brands develop well-targeted campaigns going directly to senior-level influencers, thought leaders, and decision-makers. This way, companies are able to build strong brand awareness and develop long-term relationships with the right people.


Create ads and personalise content

Companies use ABM campaigns to personalise content, capture attention and attract high-level accounts and stakeholders. With ABM campaigns, companies can share helpful blogs and e-books to better engage with accounts and individuals on social media.

Businesses can also launch display ads that are relevant to the targeted industry and audience and build custom landing pages to meet the specific needs and interests of high-value accounts. Other ways to build personalised content include sending personalised gifts and offers to the targeted accounts as well as sponsoring booths at the target account's event.

To better achieve their marketing goals, companies largely rely on better streamlining of their marketing strategies. With Hubris, companies can be sure that they are using the right tools to harmonise operations between the sales and marketing teams with the aim of increasing efficiency in their HubSpot CRM.


Using Hubris to develop well-targeted marketing strategies

With Hubris, companies can import their contacts from their LinkedIn profiles to their HubSpot CRM. This allows companies to easily and efficiently manage data, create and optimize captivating company profiles, better understand their audience, and craft the right audience to grow and better engage their audience. Hubris enables companies to juggle between multiple platforms while maintaining clarity and consistency in their marketing strategies.

With Hubris, companies are also able to crawl competitors' websites and online platforms and collect crucial actionable data. This is made possible by our "companies to track in the LinkedIn profile” feature.

Want to simplify your ABM campaign on HubSpot? Download the Hubris extension for free and take your business to the next level.