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How to Streamline Your Growth Marketing Strategy_
Tom BrownOct 26, 2022 3:09:33 PM3 min read

How to Streamline Your Growth Marketing Strategy?

Every business desires consistent growth in sales and marketing. Sadly, most of them don't have the right marketing strategy to help them achieve the growth they envision. It's no wonder that HubSpot strives to empower 56,000 customers every month. This way, they can better manage their marketing, sales, and customer service needs.

Having the right technologies and strategies for data collection and analysis can significantly impact a company's success. This guide shows you what to do to streamline your marketing strategy.

Target the New Buyer on LinkedIn

For measurable growth, a company should understand how today's buyers comprehend products and services. It should have insights into how customers make their purchasing decisions. 

Today's new buyer can be found on many social platforms, the biggest one being LinkedIn. When the platform was first introduced in 2003, it was mainly a professional networking site. Today, it has over 660 million users and has become one of the most powerful marketing tools. 

For a business to succeed in its marketing efforts on LinkedIn, it must develop an effective strategy. When executed correctly, the process can build brand awareness and create long-term business relationships. The platform is frequented by many senior-level influencers, thought leaders, and decision-makers. 

Unlike other social networking sites, LinkedIn provides a golden opportunity for marketers. They can use it to increase website traffic and generate quality leads. 

However, for the best outcome in your marketing strategy on LinkedIn, ensure you define your goals clearly. You must also know your audience, create and optimize a captivating company profile, and craft relevant content for them. Consider using Hubris to import your contacts from LinkedIn to your HubSpot CRM for easier data management. This will streamline your various platforms without losing clarity or consistency among marketing and sales teams.

Don't forget to check your competitors' pages to analyze what you can do better to outperform them. LinkedIn makes this easier for you by providing a feature called "companies to track." Identify what works well for them and see the tactics you can integrate into your own strategy.


Sales and Marketing Teams Alignment

Many companies make the mistake of treating the sales and the marketing departments as two different entities. They throw marketing into the sales process, adorn it with a few shiny metrics, and think they have done their best. The two departments must work in collaboration as one entity. 

The team members in both departments must use the same terminologies. In many situations, revenue is lost because a term is wrongly interpreted by one team. This results in a carried-out action with devastating results.


Streamline Your Growth Marketing Toolbox

Critically evaluate the tools you use to accomplish your marketing tasks. How many different tools do you have? Research by HubSpot shows that approximately 88% of marketers use an average of 10 marketing tools. Whether they are aware or not, these tools could be adding to the cost of doing business more than they generate revenue. The bigger the number of tools you have, the more time you spend integrating, analyzing, managing, and reporting each of these solutions. 

Streamlining your tools will allow you to track your revenue seamlessly. Consider using only those you can integrate with your HubSpot CRM without interfering with its efficiency. They can help you close the big-picture metrics by offering data-collection and tactical operatives in a more compact solution. However, remember that automation of your systems doesn't mean that you should set and forget about them.


Get a Growth Marketing Stack

Achieving your marketing goals relies on your ability to streamline your growth marketing strategy. There is so much you can do to accomplish this, but you must have the right tools. Try out the Hubris Chrome Extension for free today. You will enjoy the harmony it creates between the sales and the marketing teams while increasing the efficiency of your HubSpot CRM.