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AdminOct 26, 2021 3:39:22 PM1 min read

Is Hubris GDPR compliant?

For connections in the EU, it’s important that you do this in a way that upholds their rights and gives them control over their data in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Disclaimer: This is not legal advice. Always consult with your company's legal team on best practices for contact data storage.

How Hubris can support data compliance

We’ve built Hubris with GDPR in mind and provide the following methods to support your GDPR compliance plan:

Capturing legal basis and creating a paper trail

With Hubris, any personal information you capture from LinkedIn will be labelled as such in HubSpot and datestamped, providing a full paper trail on how and when any new contacts were created (as well as a complete history of any changes to those contacts since then, whether they were made by Hubris or another member of your team).

The alternative to using an automated system like Hubris is to copy and paste details from LinkedIn into HubSpot manually, which may result in inaccurate and incomplete data due to human error. Similarly, storing contact data in spreadsheets is susceptible to the same issues and will not provide a complete paper trail.

Only capturing necessary data

Hubris allows you to be selective about the information you capture, so you can ensure you only store personal information where you have a legitimate interest to do so.