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AdminOct 26, 2021 3:39:22 PM< 1 min read

Is Hubris secure?

Our solution is built on the Heroku platform, which is owned by Salesforce.You can read more about the Heroku security standards here:

Compliant with Google policies

The Hubris Chrome extension adheres to Google’s stringent app security policies. Each release is vetted by Google against coding standards before deployment.

Individual login information

All users have an individual admin account and password for their Hubris configuration. is served on a secure SSL domain, meaning that your password is encrypted when you enter it. To ensure optimal security, you should take care of your login credentials in the same way you would with any cloud-based solution.

Your secure API key and PIN

You will also be asked to enter your HubSpot API key into the Hubris admin panel. This is also stored in an encrypted format.

To ensure optimum security, you should rotate your API key periodically.

All Hubris users also require a PIN in order to access their account; this PIN must correlate with an active HubSpot account. If a user is deactivated in HubSpot, they will automatically be deactivated from Hubris too.