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AdminOct 26, 2021 3:39:22 PM2 min read

How to set up your contact field mappings

Hubris can identify information on a LinkedIn profile page so that it can be mapped to specific Hubspot Properties.

The available information is displayed in the Mappings section of Hubris Admin.

NOTE: Hubris will NOT work until you have created a CUSTOM PROPERTY to hold the LinkedIn profile URL - hubris_linkedin_profile_url.

You can decide which information on the LinkedIn profile should be imported to Hubspot by setting it as Active.

You can also decide whether information should be overwritten in Hubspot by LinkedIn profile information by setting Overwrite on or off. 

A good example is email - many people use their personal email on LinkedIn and you may not want to replace their business email with this when updating contacts.

Standard Hubspot Properties

Some information can be imported to standard Hubspot Properties which already exist, although it is possible to change this so that Hubris sends profile information to a different custom property.  You can do this using the Pencil icon.

Where you can change the Property to a different one if needed.

In most cases, you will not need to do this and Hubris will send the LinkedIn profile information to the right place.

Custom Hubspot Properties

Some information doesn't really have an obvious home in Hubspot, meaning you have to create Custom Properties on your Contacts to hold the LinkedIn information.

Profile ID

Hubris requires that you set up a Custom Property on your Contacts to hold the end part of the LinkedIn profile URL

When a LinkedIn contact is imported in to Hubspot using Hubris, this Custom Property is used to make the link. You will notice that it is not possible to set this Mapping to Inactive as it is a critical setting.

If this is not set up correctly, Hubris will not work.

Full LinkedIn URL

You can create a Single Line Text Property to hold the full LinkedIn Profile URL to enable your Hubspot users to link directly back to the LinkedIn profile page from the Hubspot Contact. 

You do this using the following Property:

This is how his will appear in Hubspot:

LinkedIn Skills

You can create a Multi Line Text Property to import LinkedIn skills into Hubspot using the following Property:

This is how his will appear in Hubspot:

You can decide how skills are separated - for example using a comma, semi-colon or pipe symbol in the Mappings section of Hubris Admin