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The pros and cons of using LinkedIn for marketing
Tom BrownOct 26, 2022 3:15:17 PM3 min read

The pros and cons of using LinkedIn for marketing

Linkedin offers a great opportunity for businesses to build brand awareness, enhance their marketing and engage with their clients worldwide. This dynamic social media platform currently has over 690 million users in over 200 countries.

LinkedIn also differs from other social platforms, emphasising productivity, professionalism, and success. Therefore, it's an ideal platform for professional network growth and an instrumental tool for marketing purposes.

However, despite being an invaluable tool for a business, it has its good and bad sides. Below are the pros and cons of using LinkedIn for marketing.

Pros of using LinkedIn for Marketing

1.    Availability of target audience

LinkedIn users are mainly professionals looking to connect with like-minded businesses and individuals. They use the platform to interact while building their brand and reputation. Therefore, LinkedIn provides you with the right audience, making it a convenient platform for marketing. In fact, it does not use an algorithm like Facebook, which chooses the content to display on your connection feeds, thus has higher content visibility.


2.    Fast lead generation

Linkedin is an excellent platform for lead generation. HubSpot reveals that Linkedin is 277% more likely to convert contacts into leads than Twitter and Facebook. The platform offers personal ways of establishing engagement with potential leads and converting them into customers. These include networking, analysing, sharing, and responding. The establishment of indirect networks via LinkedIn increases your opportunity to make sales.


3.    Convenient to increase brand awareness

Linkedin is ideal for creating brand awareness and increasing online presence. The group features allow you to offer advice that establishes you as an authority in your space. From there, you can build professional relationships within the groups without having a connection with the members. These features improve your brand credibility and visibility and enhance your marketing.


4.    Allow you to sync contacts to HubSpot

HubSpot has emerged as an invaluable tool in marketing. It allows businesses to attract leads, and convert and close sales. Integrating LinkedIn with HubSpot means you can copy professional contacts to your HubSpot CRM database. You can leverage the marketing features in HubSpot to engage these contacts and convert them more conveniently. 


Unfortunately, there is a limitation since you don't have explicit consent to add contacts from another source. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides tough rules on how companies can store personal data and engage with them on business matters. You will need to find an approach that complies with GDPR, such as copying data manually from LinkedIn to HubSpot. However, that is a time-consuming method and may lead to inaccurate data.

You can make the process faster and easier with Hubris, an automated system that allows you to copy the data while remaining compliant. It is a chrome extension built with considerations to the GDPR legal framework, enabling you to merge Linkedin contacts with your HubSpot account.


Cons of using LinkedIn for Marketing

1.    It's a time consuming investment

Linkedin requires a time investment to create and grow your network. Besides, it requires that one fully understand the posting rules, which can be confusing and requires a lot of time to grasp. Since LinkedIn has more sense of professionalism, it also means you have to invest in posts with a higher publication quality, which typically takes longer to produce.


2.    Sales Spam

Sales spam is a major disadvantage on LinkedIn marketing. This happens when other people are trying to increase their visibility and fill up your DMs. Besides, spam accounts clog up your news feed and inbox with their sales pitch. Therefore, it requires you to filter through spam regularly.  

For any business to achieve its marketing goals, it has to ensure a smooth marketing strategy. Therefore, automated systems become inevitable, especially in the current age of technology. Hubris allows you to harmonise your sales and marketing department by bringing together your LinkedIn contacts and your HubSpot account. Download the free chrome extension today.


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