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The relationship between cut and paste and GDPR
Tom BrownOct 26, 2022 3:19:15 PM3 min read

The relationship between cut and paste and GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a government regulation that bars businesses from sharing personal data and privacy information of all the citizens in the EU member states. 

The regulators noted that a lot of personal information is shared by citizens during transactions and had to come up with ways to protect people's privacy and data. 

With the rules in place, businesses and companies operating within the EU member states have to trade carefully. They have to adhere to the set rules when storing and using individuals' personal data in their marketing communications.

The effects of cut and paste on GDPR

Data ethics governs how a company collects, stores and uses contacts' personal data. By relying on manual methods such as cut and paste, you are prone to making errors that might violate the data ethics.

The data captured should always be clear and accurate. A simple copy and paste might omit some data or capture information that is not relevant. These errors might lead to a mix-up of contacts' information thereby causing a breach of the set regulations.

However, you can avoid this possibility by linking your LinkedIn account to HubSpot. The platform allows you to record and store contacts' data while adhering to the GDPR rules.

Whether you want to store data from contacts who give their consents only or everyone in your prospects list, HubSpot allows you to do so conveniently without breaking any rules.

The bottom line of GDPR is personal data from prospective contacts must be obtained within the rules and regulations set. Relying on manual methods such as cut and paste can put this at a risk.


Why companies need to adhere to GDPR

GDPR is here for every EU member state. The rules and regulations on data, therefore, have to be followed. 

Adhering to GDPR allows you to comply with the data ethics and enjoy the benefits that comes with it. Data ethics govern how a company collects, stores, and uses the data that it collects from its clients/ contacts. 

Complying with GDPR allows you to do so legally and grow your business the right way. Additionally, it builds trust with your contacts.


Why linking your LinkedIn account with HubSpot is beneficial

Linking your LinkedIn account with HubSpot allows you to access all your contacts and leads from one central place. This minimises admin time and gives you an opportunity to work on other important activities. 

After linking your accounts, you can make the job even easier for you buy downloading the Hubris extension for chrome.

About Hubris

The Hubris extension allows you to capture information from your LinkedIn account and store it at HubSpot. You can then access the data, contacts and information from leads from the same central point.

It is important to comply with the rules and regulations set by GDPR. The way a company accesses and stores information from contacts should be in line with GDPR. Fortunately, Hubris has been built with GDPR in mind so you don't have to worry.

Why Hubris is your perfect option

The alternative to using Hubris with your accounts is you have to collect, analyse and process the data manually. This is a tedious process and is always prone to errors. Also, as an organisation, you will need a lot of employers to focus on admin duties.

In the current fast-paced economy, you need every help that you can get and that is exactly what Hubris does. Minimise admin time, have clear data records, engage your contacts ethically, and have error-free analysis, thanks to Hubris.

Get the Hubris Chrome extension for free today and enjoy our amazing services. You can also visit our website and read our blogs for more updates.


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