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AdminOct 26, 2021 3:39:22 PM< 1 min read

What information do I need to set up Hubris?

Before setting up Hubris, you will need Admin access to your Hubspot account.

If you don't have Admin access, speak to your Hubspot administrator and ask if they will register for Hubris and perform the set up for you.

Here's what you need to get Hubris connected:

1. Your Hubspot Hub ID

You can find your Hub ID under your user settings drop-down in Hubspot...

You'll also find it in your Hubspot URL...

2. Your Hubspot API Key

Your API Key is in Settings:

Click your Settings Icon then Integrations and API Key

You'll find our API Key where you can copy and paste it.

3. Access to your Hubspot Properties

In Hubspot you can create custom properties (fields) against Contacts and Companies.

You will need to create a Custom Property for Contacts for Hubris to work.

This can be a little fiddly if you've never done it before but it's nothing to worry about.  You can't break anything and can always contact our support team if you get stuck.

In Settings, choose CRM and Properties

We'll show you how to create the relevant properties here.