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AdminOct 26, 2021 3:39:22 PM1 min read

What is Hubris for HubSpot?

The Hubris Application for HubSpot is a free sister app to the Hubris Chrome Extension (which can be found on the Chrome Web Store).

This optional application will automatically install two custom properties to the user’s HubSpot account that are required for the Hubris Chrome Extension.

The properties are used as unique identifiers for the Hubris Chrome Extension and are necessary for the app functionality.

When a contact is added to HubSpot using the Hubris extension, a reference to the LinkedIn URL of that contact is stored in the newly created custom properties. This provides the application the ability to monitor already added contacts and update them accordingly.

These properties are called:

  • Hubris LinkedIn Profile URL
  • Hubris LinkedIn URL

Every LinkedIn profile has a URL - the link to the webpage of the individual contact.

Every HubSpot Contact also has a URL - the link to their contact record in your HubSpot Hub.

Hubris creates a link between these two URLs and stores it in encrypted (secret and secure) format centrally on our cloud-based Hubris database.

Should it be required, these new properties can be easily accessed and deleted in your HubSpot Settings under the Properties tab.

For full functionality, users will need to add the Hubris Chrome Extension to their Chrome Browser which can be found here.

A full list of the Hubris Chrome Extension App features and its pricing plans can be found on the Chrome Web Store or you may read through the documentation on this site.