Why it's important to have a LinkedIn strategy for your business

by Tom | Jun 2, 2021 3:50:26 PM

LinkedIn has emerged top among other social media sites as a powerful and fast-growing network for effective marketing strategies for business owners. LinkedIn can help promote businesses, generate leads for brands, and increase business connections.

A LinkedIn strategy can also help expand B2B networking, therefore boosting return on investment on your business.

Read on to learn the reasons why LinkedIn strategy is crucial for your business.



LinkedIn offers your brand increased visibility

A well-filled and fully completed LinkedIn company page is a brilliant method to ensure the page is well-optimized and has a greater chance of ranking top on Google search. You need to ensure that you rank high on Google search pages by interlinking pages of your blogs and websites, so invest in using appropriate keywords that are well-researched, and use descriptive wording in the name of the business and a job title. If you create relevant and consistent content, complete your LinkedIn page, and represent your brand properly, over time your business will begin to rank highly in search engine results.



LinkedIn is essential for B2B companies' connections

LinkedIn is the ideal choice for B2B interactions compared to many social media platforms. The 2015 social media marketing industry report revealed that LinkedIn had surpassed Facebook as the best platform for B2B businesses and marketers. Statistics further show that around 41% of B2B marketers prefer conducting their business via LinkedIn. In comparison, 21% of B2C marketers prefer LinkedIn as the favourite social media platform. LinkedIn strategy is crucial for the success of your business online.



LinkedIn is an effective platform for generating leads

Several studies have proved that traffic generated via LinkedIn leads to the highest level of conversions among various social media sites. For instance, LinkedIn has more conversions than other social platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. 

Although there are anticipated changes in the numbers over the years, LinkedIn's numerous contacts that you can add to your HubSpot still generate more leads for companies in the B2B domain. LinkedIn is the best platform for all lead generation of B2B companies and guarantees that your content gets in front of the right people.



LinkedIn creates a legitimate presence for businesses

Many companies that use other social media platforms without a strategy have provided limited business details and a handful of content that doesn't appear very legitimate. On the other hand, if you have a complete and active page on LinkedIn, constantly posting plenty of relevant, helpful details, you present yourself as an industry expert. Companies that use LinkedIn strategy gain the trust of their target audience. Your chances of attracting potential customers are high when your business gains legitimacy.



LinkedIn offers the possibility to gain insights from and about audience

When your LinkedIn company page is complete and always filled with your brand's content, you can easily gain customer insights regarding the brand, product, and services you offer. You can reach out to the contacts and ask for suggestions on how to improve your brand. You may also get ideas for products and services that the market is in demand for, but you're not currently offering. 

Experts come to LinkedIn to look for answers, build relationships and remain on top of industry trends. The LinkedIn strategy helps your business recognize what the audience needs, allowing you to provide solutions for them. 


LinkedIn is a perfect social networking platform that offers B2B online connections and the best lead generation. You can use an effective online marketing strategy to increase your conversion rates and turn your company into a well-known and popular brand. LinkedIn can offer your business more when it comes to specialized approaches and bespoke assistance for customers. Download the free Hubris extension to start adding your LinkedIn contacts to HubSpot.

Download the Chrome extension and get started!

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