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Tom BrownJan 11, 2023 10:41:38 AM3 min read

Why you should use LinkedIn and HubSpot together for your marketing campaigns

The average CRM ROI is $8.71 per dollar spent. But of course, for many enterprises, achieving that figure is not always easy to do. One way to narrow the gap between your results and that figure is to sync LinkedIn with HubSpot for your marketing campaigns.

But how does it work? How can you harness the massive potential of integrating HubSpot with LinkedIn? Read on to find out. 

Reasons to sync LinkedIn with HubSpot for your marketing campaigns

HubSpot and LinkedIn complement each other in a variety of ways. Synchronising your LinkedIn with HubSpot helps you accomplish the following feats:


Build LinkedIn ads in HubSpot

When you integrate the two, you can easily build LinkedIn ad lists in HubSpot. Consequently, you can reach a highly targeted audience. This means you get to enjoy a more successful marketing campaign.

Simply put, it will be possible to achieve up to a 29% increase in sales, 34% increase in sales productivity, and 47% increase in sales forecast accuracy that companies get when they use our CRM application.


Identify LinkedIn's best-performing ads

A successful marketing campaign relies on how well you analyse your performance. One of the best ways to maximise the results is leveraging those ads that perform well. When you use HubSpot and LinkedIn together, you can easily identify best-performing ads.

Getting to understand which marketing strategy is working can shape how you spend and subsequently result in the rapid growth of your business. It also saves you time that could have been spent on further market research.


Obtain a true ROI report 

Integrating HubSpot and LinkedIn helps you obtain a true report on your Return On Investment. A true ROI report helps you evaluate the impact of your LinkedIn ads spend on your company's bottom line. With such accurate analysis, you will redistribute your marketing efforts accordingly.

As a result, you will easily design high-converting marketing strategies informed by real-time results. It is fascinating how it becomes easier to run, assess and adjust your marketing campaign. You no longer have to take a shot in the dark with your strategy.


Align your marketing efforts to business goals 

LinkedIn is probably not the only channel you are focusing on in your campaign. You may additionally be running ad campaigns on other social sites and employing several other marketing methods.

As a fact, aligning these marketing efforts to your business objectives will always give you better results, and using HubSpot and LinkedIn together eases this process. Better yet, you can seamlessly align your LinkedIn ads with other marketing efforts on HubSpot.


Streamline your lead management 

If you know your way around LinkedIn ads, you already know how LinkedIn's Lead Gen ads can be a blessing to your marketing strategy. However, the leads you get will not significantly impact your business unless you can manage them well. And using HubSpot and LinkedIn together streamlines lead management.

The ability to auto-sync, de-dupe, and nurture these new leads from lead gen to the HubSpot CRM will be a massive boost to your campaign.


Key takeaway

As you can see, you should use LinkedIn and HubSpot together for your marketing campaigns. However, it might not be easy if you intend to do it manually. The best way to utilise this massive potential is automation with extensions like Hubris.

Hubris allows you to sync your contacts, competitor companies, and conversations. With this application, be sure to design and execute highly effective marketing campaigns without breaking the bank.

Seeking to convert more leads? Download the Hubris Chrome extension today to make the best of both HubSpot and LinkedIn.