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Connecting Hubris to your Hubspot Hub

The first step in setting up Hubris is to connect with Hubspot using your Hub ID and API Key

Hubris needs permission to add and change information in your Hubspot account.

To do this, software providers like Hubspot provide a handy mechanism that enables systems to talk to each other securely.  To do this, a special code called an API key is required.

Once you've fond your API key, it can be entered into the Hubris Admin Panel along with your Hub ID.  The API Key will be long and complex (it's essentially a very big password) so you will need to cut & paste it.

Once you have made this connection, Hubris will be able to talk to your Hubspot account.

Next, you will need to set up Mappings to tell Hubspot how you want LinkedIn profile information to appear in your Hubspot CRM system.

Hubris will NOT work until you have mapped a CUSTOM PROPERTY in the mappings section of your Hubris Admin Panel